Oct 22, 2011

Best word to describe the session today. Cute!

Words can't describe how fun this was.

This session was an adventure from the get-go. Let's see. I have my map / directions from Google Maps. Yes, I know. I'm probably the only person who does not own an iPhone. It's true. And because I am so terrible at finding places, I was smart enough to leave early....just in case. Good thing because I ended up on a dead-end street, in a residential neighbourhood. No farm to be seen. When I have moments like this I call my GPS service aka 'the boyfriend'. Ok, he's not answering. He is at work afterall. But really. I'm lost. I call the client. Then there is that crazy beeping sound that indicates time is running out on your phone. Oh crap. I have been paying through the nose for cellphone charges only because my curent plan is a 'pay as you go' plan. Great when we had a landline, not so great when it's your only phone. I managed to get myself turned around and after a few zig zags along the road, I managed to find the small white sign attached to a fence, hidden under big trees, that I had finally found the farm. Yay. After all that, I was still on time and we had a blast. Now the cute cow trying to mount me.....I don't know what to say about that.