Jan 25, 2013

Jan 24, 2013

My buddies.

A rough few days with the flu but my little buddies were always close by to snuggle and keep me company. Note to self, we need a bigger sofa.

Jan 19, 2013

Sometimes a point and shoot is all I need to get a dose of taking photos of the pups.

the reason why

Hey! That's my leg!....and this is why Tika does not like Sam to be anywhere near her....such a bully.

“Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them, 
filling an emptiness we don’t even know we have.”
 — Thom Jones

Tika Moments

I love this dog so much it's crazy. Just looking back at a few moments at the cottage. 

Jan 17, 2013

This is how she rolls....

The poor girl. She gained too much momentum going down the stairs and when I looked back, there she was, legs stretched out behind her, sliding down the stairs. Once she got to the bottom, her hind legs were spread out and I was sure she wouldn't be able to walk after that ride. She seems fine but now I'm going to have to start blocking off the stairs. She just wants to be close to us. 

Jan 16, 2013

Jan 15, 2013

It arrived!

 I am so excited! The book I created for Eva arrived!! Who would have thought that after taking a few quick photos, that I would end up taking so many fun photos for the store Delilah. As a thank you,  I created a little momento for Eva, this book. A year in photos!

Jan 14, 2013

Not just a smudge.

After shooting a wedding in Cuba, one of my lenses appeared to have a smudge on the lens. I brought it in to see if it was an easy fix but not so. The back of the lens has been scratched. It will be awhile before I can replace the wide angle. Bummer.


With Tika, I can't get close enough to her beautiful face. I have to squish my head up against hers and give her a little massage behind the ears. We are doing more of this lately. She is happy and doing well, but it's just age that is slowing her down, her hearing is not the best, so for now, snuggling works for both of us.