Jul 9, 2012

In 40 minutes....

If you'd like a high res version of any of the images taken this evening,  please email me: shirley(at)bittnerdesigns(dot)com

This is Abe. Abe is, well, wired. Wired on life, anything that moves, balls, small balls, big balls, anything that moves! He's a happy dog. He has left his mark on me. Literally. I think he tried the Zorro move but instead tried to spell Abe on my legs. ;-) 

Brandy. Enjoying the cooler summer weather. He's a sweet dog and knows which side is his good side. A wonderful poser.

And here's Bryn. "Belly flop" Bryn has a 'go for it' attitude. He just races to the end of the dock and stick or no stick, he's going for it. The form may not be perfect but attitude is everything Bryn...keep having fun buddy!
Daisy. Sweet gentle Daisy. She doesn't even wait for the ball to hit the water, and she's launching herself off the dock. Heck, you probably don't even need to throw a ball, she enjoys the water that much. I'm jealous of those lovely wet crimped curls. Such a beauty!

And Finn you are a dream. Look in to my eyes, do you see what I see?
No really. Look into my eyes.

And here's another Daisy. She charming. Calm. Respectful and ready to swim. I think she had a great time tonight.

And Irwin. Welcome to the park! He's the new kid in town and I am in love. Gentle and sweet, just the way I like them. Hope to see you again Irwin!

I've forgotten this dogs name but I shall call him "Bullet" because he's so freaking fast! I can't lock my lens onto this dog he's racing down the dock and launching so fast. I need to be in a boat, in the river to capture this dog.

Tucker. Love you. I was smothered in kisses. You stole my heart tonight Tucker!!

And you stole Sam's ball too!
Yes zee ear, it is down, but I hear twice as good with the one that is up. True story.

When she's happy. I'm happy.


An on-again, off-again relationship.

It's been a long time since I've gone for a ride on this bike (couldn't twist my ankle on/off the pedal). And my butt reminded me of that, even after my short 30k ride. Wow. I'm very out of shape. But nice to see you again bike!