Jun 20, 2012


Yesterday, my plan was to head to Wakefield to take maternity photos of my friend Trista with her two cutie pie kids. I suggested we find a dock for some shots I had in mind. Turns out Trista has a friend who happens to own a house right on the Gatineau River. Sweet!
Here's where we started.
We took a few Mom with kids photos here on the dock. We decided to move on and that's when we heard this strange squealing sound. Trista mentioned there is a dog living at the house down the river, and that's probably the dog barking. Then we saw something in the water and realized it was a very small puppy. That squeal sound was the sound of a very scared pup. While Trista gathered up the kids, I raced over to the river to scoop the frightened pup from the water. She was shivering and quite terrified. The focus of our session changed from maternity shots to "OMG, how cute is this puppy" session.
I immediately wanted to take this sweet little thing home with me. Dan would absolutely kill me! Trista was eyeing this puppy too and mentioned she and Pierre were thinking of getting a dog at some point, maybe not right at this moment, but she was bonding to this pup as much as I was. However, her hormones are totally berzerko so her maternal instincts were kickin' in and well, to quote Molly, "I think the puppy likes us more than you"....

In the parking lot near the bridge we met a woman who was doing some landscaping. Her dog was close by and I thought maybe she'd loan us a dog leash just to get us through the photo session. She was able to give us some rope, Trista used her headband that we twisted to make smaller to fit around the pups neck. We were good to go!

The puppy made her way into the photo session. I mean really, how could she not? Look how cute she is!!

And this is on the ride home....
And with all the distractions,  we still managed to take some lovely photos of Trista! (I have to add that I'm holding a puppy in my arm while taking these photos).

The puppy is now with Trista and her family where she's getting lots of love. What a crazy fun day.
And after all that excitement, the kids fell asleep so quickly on the ride home.