Aug 4, 2012

my everyday life....

A typical Saturday for us. Breakfast, tour around town. While touring we see a group of people taking part in Tai-Chi sword. Pretty cool. Tried not to get stabbed trying to take a photo.

We then headed to Sparks Street to check out the busker festival. Never been too big on this but I have to admit this guy was really fun to watch. So entertaining.

Shortly after Dan and I decided I'd run some errands, so I was on my own. On my way home I was feeling so hot and jokingly asked the guys of Paul's boat line if I could hitch a ride to Pretoria. Yah, they laughed at me. I still think water taxis would be a great idea. I kept plodding along and then saw this cute dog peeking out the doorway of a houseboat. I asked if I could take a few photos of this little fella and before you know it I was hitchin' a ride to Pretoria Bridge. 
(I'd like to add that this cute little dude is available for adoption at the Humane Society. He's currently in foster care. I love this guy. I'm trying to talk Dan into the idea.)
Once we got there, my very kind hosts who had offered me wine asked if I'd like to go for a ride to Dows Lake. Sure...why not! 
Checked out the sights at Dow's Lake.

 And then dropped off one block from home. Nice!