Mar 31, 2012

Share the Road

Laurie Sweig (The Point for Fitness) put on a fundraiser to raise money for "Share the Road". Here are a few shots from the event. Robert Wein, one of the Kanata 5 who were struck down by a car several years ago, and still recovering from those injuries, led a class. Here are few photos from that session. The energy was high and Laurie raised over $5,000. Great work Laurie and to everyone who participated. What a great day!

Laurie getting Rob set up on the bike.
Rob leading the class.

 Everyone working hard!

Rob looked like he was having a great time, great work, Rob.

Good News!

Good news. Daisy's latest blood tests show that she's getting better. As you can see, she looks GREAT!

 And I met Harrah yesterday. The bouncy, happy, energetic Berner.  I don't know what it is about Berners but Sam adores Berners. A little too much, if you know what I mean.