Mar 29, 2012

Toby & Julie

While checking a nearby cafe I met Toby and Julie. Toby is a banker from Norway and Julie is from Mexico. They met while he was traveling the world. JUST KIDDING. This cute couple are engaged and planning their wedding. Julie is from Argentina. Now I want to go back to revisit all the places we saw so that I can take better photos!  It was nice to meet both of you today and I wish you all the best!

And here are a few shots of the cafe.


Sad to say that Mudley passed away yesterday. What a big, fluffy, lovable dog and the ONLY dog that was able to control Sam. Now that is a dog with super dog powers. What an amazing dog. So grateful for the opportunity to spend time with Mudley a few weeks ago. Muah. Love you Mudley.

It was that kind of day.