Jun 7, 2012

Ready. Set. Happy!!

Am I a bad owner?

The situation surrounding Sam and our mailman is causing so much stress. We've put up barriers, and barricades to help the mailman feel more safe when delivering our mail. Moved the box to the sidewalk. Having someone come and photograph your yard, apparently my license plate is important to photograph too. And suggesting that the dog might unlatch the gate...and while we're at it, I hear he can cook me dinner and make my coffee in the morning!  Anyway, yesterday I put an anti-bark collar on Sam. I'm feeling so guilty. I've never seen a more stressed or lifeless dog. He would lay in the grass and not move the entire time. Between the collar and whatever else was going on inside, he is a mess. No more collar for him. I can't do it. This morning he's been nudging me, so I picked him up and he's curled up on my lap sleeping. A 40lb dog on my lap. He's nervous now. I feel like such a bad owner. I'll work with him, using other methods to control his behaviour but I can't believe I resorted to being so cruel to him, because our mailman is afraid of dogs and he himself won't take steps to understand how to deal with them. I can work to control Sam's behaviour but I'm sorry Mr. Mailman, I can't take responsibility for your feelings. That's something you need to work out on your own.